My support to you might help you reach one of several of those goals:

A career move

A job where you will feel exited every morning by the day to come.

Be recognized

For your expertise and the added value you offer in your organization

Show up

Share about achievements, without feeling like you’re bragging


effectively, reinforce your authority, your power of communication to convince and influence


Earning your own money is key. You invest to stay on top of your skills, and continue to enjoy your work


Having quality time with your loved ones and a good work/life balance is key. You want less stress in your life


Learn to put yourself first to better serve others. Allow yourself to be selfish. Your life will change for the best.


Manage your emotions. You are not broken but human. You are meant to be sensitive and to serve the world. Learn how.


Feeling accepted is so important! Your beliefs might have led you to wrong paths. You can rewrite your story.

Individual coaching sessions with Isabelle Hamberg


Support tailored to your needs

Should you wish to change job, move to the next level or better manage your emotions, I can most probably help you reach your goal. Let’s just meet to check if we are meant to work together!

Isabelle Hamberg Human Design


Find out what’s unique about you

Would you like to understand why you feel constantly exhausted at work? Your Human Design chart explains how you are energetically wired to respond to life with authenticity and impact.

Boost your communication power at work!


Learn how to fearlessly collaborate

A 4-month coaching program to gain confidence, influence and inspire.


Who are the women I serve?

What happens during and between the sessions?

After our preliminary discussion and if we agree to work together, a collaboration contract is established and stipulates the objective(s) to be reached by the end of the support.

We start each session by defining together the topic and the result you want to achieve at the end of the session. The questions and tools used during the session help you understand and resonate with what you want in life and in your work.   You will receive unbiased feedback from me that will help you look at your life in new ways. I guide and support you to stay motivated and celebrate your successes.

Between sessions, you commit to taking action to achieve your goal. Your development will become effective through your new experiences.

If you are only interested in a Human Design Reading session, read here.


Difference between a coaching and consulting session?

 Depending on your needs, you can benefit from a coaching and/or a consultation.  A consulting session provides you with concrete information and advice to reach your goal. A coaching session guides you to a better understanding of yourself and what resonates deeply with you, which helps you make the best decisions and find the motivation to take action.


In which language can I be coached?

In English or French

What if you just moved to Switzerland?

Moving to Switzerland is one of those decisions that will have changed many of your beliefs, certainties or hopes about how living abroad works.  Perhaps you have lived in other countries before. However, this experience is of limited use to you here in Switzerland.  The language barrier, alongside many cultural misunderstandings, create a sense of isolation which weighs heavily on you.  Your difficulty with integration here sometimes leads you to ask if you made the right decision for you and your family.  Believe me, life in Switzerland can be much more rewarding and enjoyable than you think!

I am fully committed to helping you  find more ways to feel settled and fulfilled here. You will not only benefit from my personal experience as a foreign spouse, but also from my substantial professional background in assisting expatriates in their personal and professional life. The path to a more rewarding near or distant future can be strewn with obstacles, a priori independent of yourself, but very often you will be able to overcome them yourself or with very little help. I help you to become deeply aware of this.

What is my coaching style?

My coaching style is collaborative, gentle, transformational, always supportive while remaining challenging. As an ICF accredited coach, I respect the ICF Code of Ethics. I use tools from professional coaching, mindfulness, positive intelligence, psychology, spirituality and career development.

Where do the sessions take place?

We talk online. I use the Zoom platform for our sessions.

How much does the support cost?

If you decide to work with me, you are ready to invest time, money, energy in your growth and self-development. Depending on your needs, I will suggest you a number of sessions to reach your goals.

For whom is this support?

  We will best collaborate if you recognize yourself in most of these statements. You are:

  • A professional woman living in a foreign country
  • Courageous and persistent
  • Want a better life/work balance and find back the pleasure to work
  • Proactive
  • Sensitive and strong
  • Interested to get support which blends introspection and self-study
  • Opened to listen to your souls’ message
  • You are ready to invest on yourself

Consequently, This support might not be for you if you:

  • are not yet ready to explore your fears and limiting beliefs
  • only want advices and quick results
  • Look for a full skills assessment
  • Are not interested in working on your emotions
  • Want an analytical coaching approach
  • Are not ready to get out of your comfort zone and explore new territories
  • Are not ready to invest time and money in your career and personal development
  • Need to meet me in person (except if you live in Basel region, Switzerland)

How often should we meet?

About an hour every fortnight is a good pace to keep the motivation and benefit of each session. Should you need more or less time between 2 sessions, we can work around this.

Let’s have a chat