to advance your career

You are a sensitive and talented professional woman, who works hard and always gives her best professionally.

Your natural empathy and sense of collaboration are real assets, which makes you a colleague and partner appreciated by all.

You know how to get to the bottom of things, make thoughtful comments and innovative proposals, professional qualities that are increasingly sought after today!

However, when you are sensitive and introverted, advancing your career is not always easy.

Here’s what you may often feel:

♦ In meetings, you get lost in explanations and justifications instead of being concise and punchy

♦  You hesitate at the coffee machine to talk about what you do. Besides, it doesn’t fit at all with your introverted personality, which likes to value others.

♦  Despite your good performance, you are discouraged and disappointed because no one seems to see your professional potential.

♦ Nothing is more painful than confronting so-called “difficult” colleagues, who make you feel small.

♦  Saying “no” is often difficult for you. You like to help others, so the workload gets heavier and heavier

♦ Using and growing your professional network is not for you. You understand the value of doing it, but how do you approach complete strangers? And by the way, you don’t have time for that.

Introverted and sensitive people have to deal with a flood of emotions that hold them back professionally. They lack the tools or knowledge to be heard. Finally, they feel they have to force themselves to copy extroverts, even when it requires intense effort.


You will be reminded of what is really important to you, where are your true talents and what motivates you. Consequently, you will :

  • know what your zone of excellence is
  • leverage your talents, those who bring you both happiness and fulfillment and make a real contribution to the world

You will feel lighter and at peace with yourself

This phase of introspection requires pausing to think not only about WHY we want something, but also WHO we want to be along the way to our goal, and whether being this person appeals to us.


You will know how to powerfully connect with others even if you are introvert

  • be at ease to deliver your message, in writing and speaking
  • Better manage your emotions and avoid feeling overwhelmed in stressful situations.
  • Increase your self-confidence

This phase of communicating with impact and meet those who will make you grow, requires that you fully accept who you are. And you’ll make it!

With new beliefs, and a strategy to manage your emotions, you will be equiped to use proven communication tools  to :


Instead of exhausting yourself trying to be perfect, you will make other conscious, more energizing and healthful choices. You’ll learn to keep perfectionism and feeling like a fraud at bay.


You will find it easier to find your words and get straight to the point in a presentation, interview or meeting. Your emotions will be under control and your message more impactful.


You articulate your needs, without fearing rejection and/or disapproval. In this way, you appear as a responsible person, following a life which is aligned with your values and what is important to you. This is for sure inspire people!


Because you will be able to recognize the other person’s needs and listen to them without letting your emotions overwhelm you, you will no longer be afraid of difficult conversations. Instead, you will feel equipped to deal with them in a constructive way.


Being more visible will no longer be a problem. You will know that you can remain authentic without feeling judged by your colleagues.


You will be able to stand for your opinions in front of strong personalities, in so-called “difficult” discussions, or when you have to ask for a promotion.


You are exactly who you should be, naturally.

You feel valued and legitimate within the teams. You know that you can rely on your skills and experience, your intuition, your natural style, to make a difference for your organization. It will become much easier to promote your skills and achievements without feeling like you are bragging!



I know what you are going through. At the beginning of my career, I suffered from not fully taking my place at work.

I found myself in inconvenient work situations. Once, for example, I said yes to an overqualified job for fear of displeasing someone and being fired, or later accepted an under-qualified job for fear of remaining unemployed.

Introverted, sensitive and not daring to assume my true needs, I lived as a pale version of myself and often felt depleted.

Perhaps like you, at that time I was resigned…

I told myself… “What’s the use of trying to change! I have anyway to adapt to the outside world”

However, in my spare time, I sought help in books on personal development and spirituality. I took courses in communication and leadership. I was learning to manage my fears.

One day, thanks to coaching sessions focused on my feelings, I found what I no longer hoped for: a reconciliation with myself. I learned to accept my vulnerability instead of fighting it, to accept that my voice mattered and that it had an impact. At that point, I became an actress in my life and took my place professionally.

Today, I have set myself the goal of supporting women who look like me, to regain their communication power so that they can evolve professionally, while remaining authentic and true to themselves.


1 – Find your inner compass and orient yourself

In step 1, you accept all the facets of your personality. You :

♦ discover what sets you apart and how you function best.

identify clearly your talents, skills and loves

become clear about what you want to achieve.

You embrace who you are, in mind, body and spirit, and know what is important to you.

2 – Manage your emotions

In Step 2, you learn how to emotionally handle difficult situations at work, and you:

recognize when your main negative thoughts and emotions are manifesting themselves.

learn to limit their influence and choose more constructive thoughts.

become more assertive, express your true needs and take action.

Your sensitivity is a gift. You will know how to use it wisely, manage other people’s behaviors and your emotions in all circumstances.

3 – Be seen and heard

In step 3, you share your message with grace and impact because you know how to:

influence through your posture, body language and coaching techniques

create trust and build meaningful connections with colleagues, partners and clients

communicate with various personality types, even difficult ones, to get your message through.

This program will give you a boost of confidence. You will dare to be yourself more and see more opportunities come your way, certainly more in line with what you want and deserve.



  • Individual online meetings via zoom over up to 4 months
  • Resources tailored to your needs to help you grow between sessions
  • Regular check-ups to check your progress
  • A progressive implementation of your learning in your daily life
  • Communication via WhatsApp or email between sessions


This program IS for you if:
  • Self-development, spirituality, learning, openness and connections are important to you
  • You are ready to work on yourself
  • You are open to listening to the voice of your intuition
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your professional development
  • You are committed to coaching and willing to step out of your comfort zone, without putting yourself at risk
  • You are willing to test new approaches and to test new tools like the Human Design
  • You are looking for a caring coach who believes in you, tells you her truth, and will  support you through the ups and downs
This program is NOT for you if :
  • You are primarily looking for tools and concepts
  • You want immediate or very short term results.
  • Introspective work is nothing for you
  • You are not ready yet to explore your fears and limiting beliefs
  • You don’t want to invest in your self-development


By buying this coaching program, you get 1 great  bonus:

  • Get your resume and LinkedIn profile ready for your jobsearch. I offer you 6 years of professional analysis of over 100 CV and LinkedIn profiles. (worth 500 CHF)



“I have found the experience of being coached by Isabelle extremely positive. I have been able to develop a better understanding of my impact not only at work but also on a personal level. Isabelle was a great source of motivation and guidance, she offered practical suggestions and new approaches that will enable me to continue to improve and learn more. Isabelle was insightful and created a safe place for reflection.”


Marketing Manager

“Isabelle is an excellent coach. She challenged me a lot and helped me to move forward in my personal development. I can highly recommend her!”

Excecutive Consultant and Coach

“Isabelle is an insightful and caring coach with a great balance of providing support and challenging when it’s needed. She is authentic, fully dedicated to a person and genuinely wants that her client finds the right way for himself/herself. Her sessions are full of encouragement and positive feedback, and she is very successful in creating an atmosphere of trust and openness.”

Human Resources Director

“I always feel so empowered with you! Thanks to you, I could be aware of who I am and feel comfortable with it”

Strategic Project Manager

“I particularly appreciated the authenticity of our exchanges and Isabelle’s ability to dig into sometimes confronting subjects.”


Professional certified coach

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Isabelle during an uncertain period in my life and was particularly impressed by her ability to intuitively flow with my conflicting and changing emotions, all the while asking insightful questions to help keep me focussed – it was the perfect balance between self-exploration and being held accountable.

I had an invaluable experience with Isabelle and felt 100% supported during my consultations with her. She comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”


Communication Manager

“Isabelle coached me to highlight my strengths and what I professionally really wanted. Finally, she helped me prepare a recruitment interview, which successfully led to a new position and life in my home region, where I dreamed of coming back.”

Communication Manager

Do you want to work for decades, coming home mentally exhausted?

Do you want to continue to be scared to death about your next presentation or difficult discussion with your boss?

How will this affect your relationships, your mental and physical health, yourself and your family?

How does the registration work?

If our first telephone conversation has convinced you and you feel ready to start the coaching, the registration becomes effective after your payment, by bank transfer, payable in full or in part, BEFORE the coaching start.

As soon as you register, you will receive an invoice and a contract by email, which you will have to sign and return to me. In a second step, we will send you the login information for our Zoom sessions and some proposed dates for the first sessions.

If not now, then when ?

Are you wondering if this program is really for you?

> Schedule a call on Zoom below, to see if we are right for each other. 

I look forward to meeting you!


What is my coaching style?

My coaching style is collaborative, direct, caring and transformative.

How many sessions do I need?

We start with 8 sessions to see a transformation take place. A review is made at the 4th session to measure the progress made and to define, if necessary, new priorities, in order to reach the objective defined at the beginning. In any case, you progress at your own pace.

How often should we meet?

About an hour every fortnight is a good pace to keep the motivation and benefit of each session. Should you need more or less time between 2 sessions, we can work around this.

Success key factors

The success of this coaching support is mainly linked to your degree of commitment, to your willingness to look deep inside yourself, in all honesty and with courage, to your assiduity in attending the sessions and to the responsibility you will take to do practical work between sessions.