Discover what your personal chart reveals about you

You know all about personal development. You’re always seeking to know more about herself, soothe her emotional torments at work.

No doubt your past traumas have contributed to this. You know what it’s like to suffer, but it’s also made you more resilient.

You’re a fighter who won’t give up. You know that you are highly capable, and you’d like to feel stronger and more sure of yourself, especially in your relationships with others.


Your challenges

Our childhood and life experiences have forged in us beliefs about what it takes to feel protected, loved and accepted.

For some people, this means

  • Working overtime to deliver top-quality work
  • Being on the lookout for what others think
  • Feeling powerless in difficult conversations
  • Hiding yourself
  • Stay silent and let other’s needs come first

The result is stress, a tendency to isolate yourself for fear of not being “validated” by others, and inevitably missed opportunities.

If this speaks to you, I know you don’t really dare admit it to yourself. It’s your default mode of reaction. But I can assure you of one thing: you can change that. It starts with realizing who you really are and why you behave the way you do.


My story

For many years, I wandered from job to job. Of course, time and accumulated learning helped me to see things a little more clearly. 3 years ago, a reading by a specialist in Human Design reminded me of what was deep inside me. I learned, for example, that I was made to learn by experimenting.

This was no small thing. It was a strange reflection of my life up to that point.

Imagine that I felt guilty about having this “multi-tasker” side, which I couldn’t get rid of, in short, what I considered to be a “flaw” that was the opposite of good practice. Today, I welcome it and say to myself: “I’ve got a lot of energy to burn and that’s normal”. I no longer judge myself because not all my projects will succeed. There are always a few that will work. I trust life a lot more because I know how to listen to my intuition, which benefits both myself and those around me.


What a Human Design reading can do for you

The Human Design diagram (a drawing similar to the one in the photo above) illustrates the “energetic configuration” you are born with.

It shows the mechanics of how you operate energetically, how you react mentally, verbally, emotionally and intuitively in life. It shows what’s easy for you, what you do naturally, and what’s more difficult because it costs you a lot of energy.

A reading of your pattern will give you clues as to how you cope with pressure, for example, and why you’re so persistent or, on the contrary, inconsistent in your drive to achieve goals.

With the knowledge gained from understanding your Human Design, you can begin to :

  • Better accept yourself as you are
  • Know how to make the right decisions
  • Respect your needs
  • Understand why you behave the way you do when in contact with others
  • Give you the courage to make the necessary changes in your life.

It is NOT a personality system like MBTI or Enneagram.

It is NOT a forecasting or a prediction tool.


The reading content

Here’s what I’ll be commenting on during the reading.

Chart elements
I’ll explain what is meant by :
– The different shapes on your chart
– Colored and blank areas
– The columns of numbers
– The vocabulary shown


Your energy type
There are 5 energy types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting-Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.
Your type is how you interact with others, how you access your energy. You’ll know how you’re designed to best respond to life and feel balanced. Note that all types have a key role to play.


Your strategy (and inner authority)
You have a unique way of responding to life’s demands and listening to your feelings to make the best decisions for you. You’ll know which method to use to find out what’s right for you. A simple method to make the BEST decisions!

For most energy types, it will be a matter of WAITING for an external stimulus to present itself to you (and there are plenty every day!) or for someone to solicit you, or for you to wait 28 days. And yes, we’ve all been taught to initiate ourselves. However, according to Human Design, this way of coming into action (your Strategy) only benefits the “Manifestors” type, who make up 9% of the population.

Before engaging yourself in something,  you must first trust your INTUITION (your inner authority). Depending on your energy type, it will manifest differently in your body. Just remember that it’s not logical, analytical, rational or reasonable! And that’s the hardest part for us, because we’ve been taught to trust only our left brain!


Your profile
Your behaviors reflect your personality. Some will speak to you. Others will be blurred for you, only others will see them clearly. In any case, this is what you’re destined to experience.

Your powers (represented by everything which is colored in your chart)
We all have predispositions or potentials to do certain things with ease. These predispositions can become your superpowers if you use them positively (high energy frequency). They can also have the opposite effect if you let your ego take over (=low energy frequency). In both cases, these are energies that you can access all the time. They are represented in your horoscope by everything that is colored).


Your energetic sensitivity (represented by everything which is NOT colored in your chart)
Sometimes you feel overwhelmed or lost in certain situations and with certain people. You’re very sensitive to the energies they give off. This creates automatic patterns of behavior or thought that can be distressing. For example, always feeling the stress of completing tasks, taking everything personally, cleaning up other people’s anxieties, etc. You were born to gain great wisdom in these particular areas.


Presentation of your chart and philosophy behind the Human Design


How are you “wired” energetically. What you need to function sustainably.

Strategy & Authority

Your inner guidance system linked to your type and the best tools to make decisions.


What are your recurring behavior pattern and their wisdom over the course of your life.



How your vulnerability expresses itself. How best to handle these challenges.


Where your energy is sustainable, no matter if you are alone or with others.

Interested in a session?

Once you’ve made your appointment, we’ll meet on the scheduled day on the platform Zoom.

The online session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes. We’ll work from your human design chart, which I may have studied beforehand.

 Please download your free card and examine it before the session, just to get a feel for it, not to understand it. It’s difficult for the uninitiated to decipher. Don’t worry, I’ll explain what it says about you.

If you’re looking for specific answers to certain challenges, share them with me in an Email. This will help you get the most out of your session.

The content of the session remains confidential.

If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at
WhatsApp: +41 77 206 04 40.
I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, working days.



  1.  Take an appointment. You get a Zoom link once you complete your registration
  2. Download your chart here (click on “Create free chart” and fill in the form)
  3. Email your chart to me if you did not share your birth data already
  4. Meet me on Zoom
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