women circle

A unique moment to share, differently.

An unusual place to feel seen and heard


If you’re looking for a place where you can express yourself freely without fear of being judged,

If you’re looking for sharing and mutual support through active listening,

If you’re tired of brooding,

then, the women circle with Isabelle will welcome you.


The women circle takes place online, on Zoom. As small number of participants are invited to meet on a biweekly basis.

Here you can share about your doubts, failures but also your successes, joys, and learnings as they relate to your work-life.

Having been there, I know that professional and personal growth depends on fully embracing and accepting your vulnerabilities and strengths. Being seen, heard and supported in this transformation through the power of the group can do a lot for you. I’m convinced of it.


A moment of well-being

It’s a simple moment that allows you to connect with others differently, by being yourself, in a safe environment. This group is dedicated to your well-being and that of the other participants. You don’t have to achieve anything or prove anything to anyone. It’s not an exercise, it’s a life experience. You’re just invited to BE who you already are, authentically and in the moment.

Everyone is invited to join the group with an open, caring, and receptive mind.



How does it work ?

Each person speaks in turn, and the others listen.

There’s no discussion, debate or argument. Sharing takes place through speaking and listening.


4 main parts:

1. Welcoming participants
2. Creating and validating the Women Circle framework
3. Talking rounds. Participants are invited to express themselves freely for a period of time.
4. Closing


The circle consists of 6 main pillars that will be presented at the beginning of the session:

1. Equality : I am neither above nor below any other participant. My voice counts as much as anyone else’s. I have the same speaking time as everyone else.

2. Freedom: I’m free to express myself as I wish or not.

3. Attentive listening: I listen to myself and others. I focus on what’s being said in the group.

4. Ownership: I speak for myself. I use the “I” that makes me responsible for what I say.

5. Sharing and caring: I share by raising my hand or other sign to show the person I’m thinking or experiencing the same thing. Criticism and judgment are not allowed in the circle.

6. Confidentiality: What’s said in the circle stays in the group.



A fairly general theme is suggested to guide the discussion and allow everyone to get the most out of each meeting.

  • Women at Work
  • Sense of belonging
  • Managing emotions
  • Advocacy
  • Life Mission
  • Financial Independence
  • Personal Health
  • Leadership and Presence
  • Relationships with others
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Awareness and introspection
  • Spiritual development
  • Work-life balance
  • Career Transition

For our next session, the topic will be : Self-advocacy



Duration: 1h alternately 1.5h every two weeks. Please log in 10 minutes in advance. We start no later than 2 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Cost: This sharing space is offered to you. Each participant, including the moderator (myself), enters the discussion with her shares.

Location: we meet on Zoom. You’ll receive the link by email as soon as you register.

Group size: 6 to 8 people

Language: English

Next sessions:
Thursday, Sept 7th, 7pm -8pm : Relationships
Friday, Sept 22nd. 12.30am – 1.30pm : Sense of belonging
Thursday, Oct 5th, 7pm -8.30pm : Managing emotions
Friday, Oct 20th, 12.30am – 1.30pm : Self-advocacy


Would you like to join one of these groups occasionally or regularly? You can send me a message at info@isabellehamberg.com

6 pillars



Confidentiality must be respected by all participants.


No one is below or beneath the others.
Everyone has the same speaking time.


We are free to express ourselves (speak, read, sing) or to remain silent.

Attentive listening

We pay attention to what’s happening in the group.


I speak for myself and don’t project my ideas onto others.


Don’t interrupt someone who’s speaking. You can respond, for example, by raising your hand..